Livestock nutrition

Balancing animal health naturally

Like humans, animals need a balanced diet for growth and well-being. Having the right levels of vitamins and minerals optimizes their development and their overall balance is restored to ensure good vitality.

Our seaweed contains mineral salts in an organic form, along with proteins and minerals combined with a vast array of trace elements and vitamins. This provides a perfect match for the essential dietary needs of animals, whether they are bred as livestock, aquaculture, or for pet food.

Seaweed with multiple nutritional properties

The seaweed used in animal nutrition has a variety of properties: nutritional, immuno-stimulant, appetite-inducing, antioxidant, and energy-boosting.

Two Agrimer standard compositions

 Ascophyllum – Fucus: traditionally used as a dietary supplement. Their mineral salts are present in an organic form, meaning they are more stable and better absorbed.