Dry Seaweed

Recognized fertilizing properties

The fertilizing properties of marine algae are well known to farmers in Brittany. Farmers have been using seaweed for centuries. We extend our know-how to other fields (wine growing, fruit growing, horticulture, crops), providing natural materials in a variety of forms suited to your fertilization method. Dry seaweed is a natural colloidal organic material. It influences the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the substratum. In addition, they both regenerates soil and stimulates growth.

Two Agrimer standards in powder form 

ASCOPHYLLUM – FUCUS: this mixing of 2 brown seaweed is traditionally used as a soil amendment because of its high organic matter content.

EI 10 – EI1000: these colloidal fixative, 100 % vegetal, are made for hydroseeding and have a very broad pH spectrum. Rich in alginates and active ingredients, they can be used at relatively low doses. .